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Diversity Confab
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  1. An informal conversation or discussion
  2. A web platform that brings together your workplace community, knowledge, and best practices through our curated libraries of resources enriched through guided, group discussions
Powered by an industry leading technology platform, this framework grants members access to resources, and gives them the ability to engage with diversity experts.
Conversations are curated by our subject matter experts, and span across ALL topics related to Diversity & Inclusion. Content includes a digital media library that contains training resources, articles, speeches, images, infographs, maps, diagrams, animations, and fact sheets—all designed to cultivate social learning and expand the exchange of thoughts and ideas.

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Becoming a Diversity Matters Confab member reserves your seat at the table for an important, impactful, and always relevant conversation on diversity and inclusion topics in the context of current events and trends. We invite you to try it for free—contact us today to start your no-obligation trial.