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Altra Diversity for Business
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SMB Diversity Confab

ALTRA: Diversity Awareness and Leadership Confab

ALTRA is curated by Neal Semel, Co-Founder of Diversity Matters, LLC. Neal has over 30 years of extensive knowledge and practice within community relations, conflict resolution, civil rights investigation, and diversity training for a variety of audiences. Neal specializes in community building, mediation, communication and fostering positive culture change. Utilizing his robust background, Neal develops our curriculum, manages and curates our content, and leads our subject matter experts in fostering positive culture change for our clients.

Our process includes:

  • Assessment of contracting, management, investing, vendor relationship management, and procedures.
  • Review of recruiting, on-boarding, and retention processes
  • Recommendations for changes in each category
  • Development of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Strategic Plan
Dimensions of diversity, within the individual and the organization, to be covered:
  • Cultural Competency Continuum
  • Understanding the Elements of Diversity
Resources include:
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Review of Local, State and Federal Laws
  • Diverse Cultural Calendar of Events and Observances

Powered by our proprietary technology platform, MyConfab, this framework grants members access to up to date resources, and gives them the ability to engage with diversity experts.

Benefits of ALTRA

    Our team of subject matter experts can answer questions, review documents, and share best practices.
    Establish a one-on-one relationship with an experienced Subject Matter Expert (SME) within the Diversity & Inclusion field.
    Network with Diversity & Inclusion topic matter experts from leading organizations
    Access an extensive collection of sample Diversity & Inclusion materials from leading organizations and critical information on best practices in the field, including our Diverse Cultural Calendar of Events and Observances, published benchmarking reports, studies on emerging diversity leadership issues, and much more.
    Strategic plan and implementation strategy to integrate DEI into the internal processes and systems and your externally facing work, plus ongoing measurement and a maintenance plan that the organization can use to regularly check and adjust practices toward antiracism.


Becoming an ALTRA Confab user reserves your seat at the table for an important, impactful, and always relevant process driven exploration on diversity and inclusion topics in the context of current events and trends. We invite you to try it for free—contact us today to start your no-obligation trial.