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Our Team

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Our Team

Diversity Matters, LLC. is a boutique consulting firm specializing in Diversity & Inclusion. Over the past 15 years we have guided many organizations throughout this journey, maintaining our reputation of excellence. Our legacy is rooted in forging dynamic processes and modernizing our knowledgebase to build a focus on effective methodologies for organizational culture, workforce development, and Diversity & Inclusion.



Ron Kohr

Ron Kohr is Co-Founder of Diversity Matters, LLC. Ron’s experience spans over 30 years within the consulting world, working across multiple industries. An innovator, Ron has utilized his heavy IT background to develop multiple platforms designed to amplify the impact of D&I programs. Ron provides management and leadership over our entire practice, ensuring maximum operational excellence.

Neal Semel

Neal Semel is Co-Founder of Diversity Matters, LLC. With over 25 years of extensive knowledge and practice within the D&I space, Neal specializes in community building, mediation, communication and fostering positive culture change. Neal has dedicated his life to helping organization realize their true potential through D&I. Utilizing his robust background, Neal develops all of our curriculum, while leading and developing our consultants.

Kimberly Tapia
Director of Business Development

Kimberly Tapia is Director of Business Development with Diversity Matters, LLC. Kim has spent the last 15 years consulting with businesses of all sizes, across the globe. As a strategic leader, Kim has worked to help organization’s align their goals with their D&I programs. Utilizing her expansive business background, Kim works directly with our clients to identify their gaps and to discover how we might help them leverage success.

Hyman Albritton
Strategic Business Advisor

As a strategic thinker, Hyman has achieved notable success in positively influencing corporate cultures through recruiting and internal transformation efforts. Hyman’s extensive experience spans across both for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. He has developed diversity recruiting initiatives, leadership development programs and innovative performance management systems for Fortune 500 corporations, as well as small-to mid-size businesses and organization’s.

Kathryn Tarantino
Strategic Business Advisor

Kathryn leverages “employee branding” and diversity as a strategy for attracting diverse customers and employees. Her experience with a variety of industry sectors includes financial services, food services, telecommunications, and not-for-profit organization’s. In addition she is a certified (Ron Brown & Associates, Chicago, Illinois) diversity development facilitator for curriculum design and development.



Brad Casucci
Strategic Business Advisor

Brad’s specialty is analyzing and assessing world views and decision-making factors of diverse populations (particularly, but not limited to, health related situations). He is an experienced teacher and has experience teaching at every level from head start programs to college courses. He has extensive international experience, having spent time traveling, working and living abroad across four continents over the last two decades.

Rick Eaton
Lead Learning Consultant

Rick has spent the last twenty-five years as a senior researcher for the Simon Wiesenthal Center/ Museum of Tolerance. Rick’s responsibilities included research of terrorism and domestic extremism, and monitoring of extremists groups worldwide. Rick has been a lecturer/presenter for audiences including California Police/Highway Patrol, Michigan State Police, FBI, Miami-Dade Police, U.S. Attorney’s Office, National Institute Against Hate Crime, Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators, New Mexico Gang Task Force.

Jacqueline King
Lead Learning Consultant

A twenty-seven year member of the Colum-bus, Ohio Division of Police, Jacqueline is OPOTA (Ohio Police Officer’s Training Academy) certified as a Community Diversi-ty instructor. She developed core curriculum for in-service training of police personnel in Cultural Diversity, Work related stress and burnout, and the history of women and minorities in policing, Collaborated with other instructors to manage and coordinate train-ing for 1700 police officers.

Willard McIntosh
Lead Learning Consultant

Willard has over twenty years’ experience at the Columbus Police Department. He is OPOTA (Ohio Police Officer’s Training Academy) Commission Certified. With over ten years at the Police Training Academy - recruit level, Willard utilizes his extensive background to execute the most impactful training. Over the past nine years, he has been a cultural awareness instructor. His skills include facilitating discussion, creating a classroom atmosphere conducive to sharing beliefs and opinions.

Stephen Menendian
Strategic Business Advisor

Stephen has trained policymakers, businesses, and other institutions on diversity, inclusion, and affirmative action practices, policies, and compliance, including creative ways to improve diversity within bounds of law. He trains Fortune 500 company execu-tives regarding Affirmative Action Guideline Compliance. Stephen has guest-lectured at UC Berkeley School of Law, the Moritz College of Law at the Ohio State University, and co-taught The History and Culture of Race and Law.

Thomas Paige
Lead Learning Consultant

A twenty year member of the Columbus Ohio Division of Police, Thomas worked within the Recruit Training Unit and specialized in Ethics and Diversity Training, Incident Command, and Executive Protection. Concurrent with his role at Diversity Matters, LLC., Thomas also instructs at Columbus State Community College.

Mari Norman Sunami
Strategic Business Advisor

A visionary and motivational figure, Mari utilizes storytelling as a medium for sharing personal and cultural experiences. Mari served in the Peace Corp, traveling the globe and working passionately to make an impact. Along with working with organization’s throughout their Diversity & Inclusion journey, she also teaches at Ohio Dominican University.



Andy Karanja
Content Manager & Technical Support

Growing up on three continents, Africa, Europe and North America, Andy brings a unique perspective in terms of diversity, immigration, race and generational diversity. He studied aviation at Kent State University. In 2016, he left Tesla to start a company whose goal is to empower the local community through music while also servicing local artists.