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The first step toward your organization’s diversity and inclusion journey should be developing it’s diversity and inclusion strategy.  At Diversity Matters assisting you in this critical first step is essential to launching your diversity and inclusion initiatives.


Developing a Comprehensive Strategy
Diversity Matters walks side-by-side with your diversity leadership or council to develop a diversity and inclusion strategy.  If you haven’t established a diversity leadership council or team, we can support you in the process.
Is your organization ready to embrace diversity and inclusion?  To answer this question we start with an assessment of the current state of diversity and inclusion views and perspectives in your organization.  Utilizing your data, external benchmarks and best practices, we analyze and assess the organization’s current strengths, areas of improvement and challenges and/or barriers that exist that may adversely affect acquiring, retaining and engaging a diversity workforce; and the influences on desired business outcomes.


Additionally, we take a deeper dive reviewing the company’s human resources and other relevant policies, and employee engagement surveys to better understand desired and unintended impacts on diversity and inclusion.  Working with your diversity and inclusion team, Diversity Matters will analyze the data and develop a report of findings to your diversity and inclusion leadership group or senior management team, along with Diversity Matters” recommendations for developing a strategic plan executable over  1 1/2 – 3 years with action plans and defined measures.
Diversity Matter’s strategy model is built around six cornerstones that builds the foundation of your strategic plan.  Building this foundation is imperative to aligning and integrating diversity values and beliefs and business goals to drive organizational change.  The actions and initiatives taken around each cornerstone is custom to drive your business goals.
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Strategy Model

Diversity Matters will help you in developing strategies that are relevant to your business; that are specific, measurable, with actions to achieve desired business outcomes.  Companies today compete in a global ecosystem where cookie cutter approaches fail to produce differentiation.


Leadership Commitment
  • Create the business case for diversity in support of organization’s mission
  • Identify and establish values that support the development of the diversity strategy
  • Secure executive leadership transition from embracing diversity to personal ownership and commitment to diversity and inclusion.
Alignment to Strategic Bus. Plan
  • Develop diversity initiatives that are aligned to organizational objectives
  • Understand how achievement of diversity goals supports the business success
Integrating Infrastructure
  • Establish a diversity and inclusion council or re-vitalize existing leadership group focused on driving diversity initiatives
  • Identify roles, responsibilities and authority to facilitate diversity across the organization
  • Establish connections to vendors, customers and community diversity initiatives.
  • Ensure that HR policies, customer interface policies and vendor engagement actions support the organization’s diversity and inclusion policies and practices
  • Establish equal employment opportunity and affirmative action policies
Targeted outcomes/measures
  • Define outcomes and measures for diversity goals and objectives
  • Establish company and unit targets aligned to achieving business and diversity goals
  • Develop a system/process that provides comprehensive monitoring of actions and results
Robust Communications
  • Support the development of a diversity communications strategy that articulates the values, beliefs, and guiding principles about diversity and inclusion, assessment feedback, and other information needed to gain employees commitment to the organization’s diversity and inclusion plan and understand their role in evolve diversity as an integral part of the company’s brand reputation
  • Communicate to suppliers/vendors about the organization’s commitment and expectations for diversity.  Explain the business advantages of advocating diversity and inclusion in their own companies.
  • Promote diversity and inclusion successes to customers, identified organizations and labor markets.
Culture and Values Alignment
  • Establish and publish the organization’s diversity values, beliefs and guiding principles that clearly define the organization’s culture.
  • Juxtapose and assess alignment between current culture and diversity values and beliefs.  Develop plan of action to drive adoption of new diversity and inclusive culture.
  • Ensure that internal practices related to compensation and benefits, career development and promotion, rewards and recognition, performance management and other systems support your diversity strategy
Diversity Matters’ Client Partnership – how we measure up


You are our focus – Our goal is to support you in achieving success.  To do so, we start with your goals and your diversity and inclusion needs…not our needs.  Diversity Matters offers a variety of diversity services and we highly recommend them when appropriate.  However, we believe that if we are not the best suited to provide a service that we recommend a vendor that is better suited to provide those services.
Your data couple with our insights – We use your data as the primary source to discover and articulate diversity and inclusion issues within your organization.  Diversity Matters will assess and narrow the issues requiring priority to advance the organization’s diversity and inclusion efforts.  Further, we consider best practices to better understand your strengths and opportunities.
Paving your path – Determining how diversity and inclusion affects the organization requires strategic thinking, utilization of best practices and alignment to business strategy and desired outcomes.  Diversity Matters is capable of bring these disciplines to the table in order to incorporate diversity and inclusion as part of the company’s fabric.  We will help you move beyond the tactics to creating the organizational change that embraces the business context and delivers lasting change.

Hyman Albrbitton
Hyman Albritton is a strategic business consultant. He is a brilliant strategic thinker with notable success in creating positive corporate cultures through recruiting and internal transformation efforts, Mr. Albritton garnered extensive experience in business and human resources in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. He has developed diversity recruiting initiatives, leadership development programs and innovative performance management systems for Fortune 500 corporations, as well as small-to mid-size businesses and organizations. Mr. Albritton has established business partnerships with organizations such as the National Black MBA Association, The Society of Hispanic MBAs, The National Association of Black Accountants and other female and minority organizations. He holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology, and a master’s degree in counseling/business management from N. C. Central University.

Kathryn TarantinoBusiness Consultant
and Diversity Facilitator

Ms. Tarantino leverages “employee branding” and diversity as a strategy for attracting diverse customers and employees. Her experience with a variety of industry sectors includes financial services, food services, telecommunications, and not-for-profit organizations. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science from Fisher College of Business, Labor and Human Resources from The Ohio State University. In addition she is a certified (Ron Brown & Associates, Chicago, Illinois) diversity development facilitator for curriculum design and development.

Neal Semel – Managing Partner Diversity Matters
Neal helps first responders address diversity/inclusion and culture change locally, nationally and internationally. Neal is instrumental in working with organizations to prevent outside governmental intervention.
Neal holds certification from the State of Ohio Attorney General’s Office Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy (OPOTA) and has worked extensively with first responders and governments in townships, municipalities and cities throughout Ohio, including:
Cites of Columbus, Canton, Athens, Westerville, Sandusky and Plain, Washington, Clinton Townships.
In addition he works with communities throughout the United States. Neal serves the U.S. Department of State, Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and the National Police Force of Belgium.
While being the lead diversity trainer and a civil rights investigator for the City of Columbus for 20 years, Neal established and advised Diversity Councils for stakeholders such as; businesses, Ethnic community organizations and surrounding suburbs. Neal currently provides diversity and inclusion training for governments businesses, schools and universities utilizing his over 25 years of extensive knowledge and practice in, community building, mediation, communication and fostering positive culture change.

Ron Kohr – Principal, Consultant, Operations Manager

Ron was one of the founders of Overdrive in 1986, ( he then started Community Reinvestment Resources in 1989 as a technology consulting firm specializing in electronic documents, workflow, and content management solutions.

Ron’s technology background utilizes Neal Semel’s approach to human resources services of individual accountability using a diversity and inclusion electronic knowledge repository.

Ron earned a Bachelors of Business Science in Economics from Cleveland State University.