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Neal Semel – Co-Founder, Civil Rights, Diversity and Inclusion Expert 
Neal helps first responders address diversity/inclusion and culture change locally, nationally and internationally. Neal is instrumental in working with organizations to prevent outside governmental intervention. Neal holds certification from the State of Ohio Attorney General’s Office Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy (OPOTA) and has worked extensively with first responders and governments in townships, municipalities and cities throughout Ohio, including: Cities of Columbus, Canton, Athens, Westerville, Sandusky and Plain, Washington, Clinton Townships. In addition he works with communities throughout the United States. Neal serves the U.S. Department of State, Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and the National Police Force of Belgium. While being the lead diversity trainer and a civil rights investigator for the City of Columbus for 20 years, Neal established and advised Diversity Councils for stakeholders such as; businesses, Ethnic community organizations and surrounding suburbs. Neal currently provides diversity and inclusion training for governments businesses, schools and universities utilizing his over 25 years of extensive knowledge and practice in, community building, mediation, communication and fostering positive culture change.

Hyman Albritton
Hyman Albritton is a strategic business consultant. He is a brilliant strategic thinker with notable success in creating positive corporate cultures through recruiting and internal transformation efforts, Mr. Albritton garnered extensive experience in business and human resources in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. He has developed diversity recruiting initiatives, leadership development programs and innovative performance management systems for Fortune 500 corporations, as well as small-to mid-size businesses and organizations. Mr. Albritton has established business partnerships with organizations such as the National Black MBA Association, The Society of Hispanic MBAs, The National Association of Black Accountants and other female and minority organizations. He holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology, and a master’s degree in counseling/business management from N. C. Central University.

Willard McIntosh Jr. (Mac)Presenter specializing in Cultural Competence for First Responders
Willard McIntosh has over twenty years’ experience at the Columbus Police Department as a police officer; with over ten years at Police Training Academy at recruit level. He is OPOTA (Ohio Police Officer’s Training Academy) Commission Certified. For nine years, he has been a cultural awareness instructor. His skills include facilitating discussion, discovering students’ views on culture, creating a classroom atmosphere conducive to sharing facts, beliefs and opinions. He schedules speakers to provide insight into their various cultures; prepares quizzes and exercises to develop students’ awareness of cultural identity. Mac served in the Air Force in Alaska and grew up in Columbus. He has grown children and a strong faith-based perspective on diversity. For Diversity Matters, he conducts training for first responders including police and fire fighters.

JackieProfile1Jacqueline Fofana
Jacqueline is a 27 year member of the Columbus, Ohio Division of Police. Jacqueline has a BS in Organizational Leadership and MA in Liberal Studies. She has trained in the Reid interview and interrogation technique. She has also been trained FBI-LEEDA in current trends in identity theft and fraud and has 13 years of experience as a fraud detective. She is also OPOTA certified as a Community Diversity instructor. She developed core curriculum for in-service training of police personnel in Cultural Diversity, Work related stress and burnout, and the history of women and minorities in policing, Received Commendation for increasing attendance in Citizens Police Academy, Collaborated with other instructors to manage and coordinate training for 1700 police officers. Jacqueline lives with her husband and two daughters in Columbus.

Mari Norman Sunami – Presenter specializing in cross-cultural communications, gender, safe spaces for diversity and storytelling as a medium for sharing personal and cultural experiences
Her education includes Master’s degrees in anthropology and education as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish language and literature. Her additional studies include Ethnographic and Documentary Film & Filmmaking, American Sign Language, introduction to Somali language for social services, Spanish language and culture. She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Jamaica, West Indies; in addition, she traveled widely in China, Greece, Kenya, Norway, Denmark, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Haiti, Jamaica, Morocco, Spain, Mexico, Tunisia, France, England, Germany, Canada and throughout the United States. Past Executive Director of the South Side Settlement, Sunami retired in 2009 and is currently an Adjunct Professor at Ohio Dominican University. Among her many achievements, Sunami received the 1999 YWCA Woman of Achievement; co-authored the publication, Women Leading the Way; and conducted an Appalachian Orientation for the Columbus Area International Program.

Thomas PaigePresenter specializing in Cultural Competence for First Responders
Thomas Paige is a twenty year member of the Columbus (Ohio) Division of Police. Currently he works in the Recruit Training Unit specializing in Ethics and Diversity Training, Incident Command, and Executive Protection. Concurrent with this position he instructs at Columbus State Community College. Thomas has been honored with the Bronze Star for outstanding service in Iraq. He retired from the U.S. Army as a criminal investigator after serving 20 years. Currently he is working executive protection missions worldwide and performing threat vulnerability assessments locally and globally

Kathryn TarantinoBusiness Consultant and Diversity Facilitator
Ms. Tarantino leverages “employee branding” and diversity as a strategy for attracting diverse customers and employees. Her experience with a variety of industry sectors includes financial services, food services, telecommunications, and not-for-profit organizations. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science from Fisher College of Business, Labor and Human Resources from The Ohio State University. In addition she is a certified (Ron Brown & Associates, Chicago, Illinois) diversity development facilitator for curriculum design and development.

Stephen Menendian – Presenter and Lecturer specializing in legal advocacy for civil and human rights
Stephen Menendian is the Assistant Director at the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, and the former senior legal associate at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at the Ohio State University. Stephen is the author of many law review articles, scholarly publications and a frequent contributor to Stephen co-authored the Institute’s United States Supreme Court Amicus brief in Fisher v. Texas, asking the Court to uphold the University of Texas’s race-conscious admissions policy, as well as an Amicus briefin the 2007 Seattle/Louisville K-12 integration cases to persuade the Court to sustain voluntary integration plans in the Seattle and Louisville school districts. Recent scholarly publications include “Beyond Public/Private: Understanding Excessive Corporate Prerogative” for the Kentucky Law Journal, “Remaking Law: Moving Beyond Enlightenment Jurisprudence” for the St. Louis University Law Journal,“Parents Involved: The Mantle of Brown, the Shadow of Plessy” for the University of Louisville Law Review, and “Little Rock and the Legacy of Dred Scott” for the St. Louis Law Journal. Stephen has trained policymakers, businesses, and other institutions on diversity, inclusion, and affirmative action practices, policies, and compliance, including creative ways to improve diversity within bounds of law. Stephen presented as part of the Ohio Department of Administrative Services Equal Opportunity Division’s training academy, and for the Moritz College of Law, the Graduate School of Education, the Multicultural Center, and on behalf of the Columbus Bar Association. Stephen published a guidebook on affirmative action for policymakers and advocates on behalf of the Kirwan Institute. Most recently, Stephen authored the State of Ohio’s new Diversity Strategies For Successful Schools Guidance which was adopted by the State Board of Education of Ohio in May, 2012. He trains Fortune 500 company executives regarding Affirmative Action Guideline Compliance. Stephen has guest-lectured at UC Berkeley School of Law, the Moritz College of Law at the Ohio State University, and co-taught The History and Culture of Race and Law, a seminar at Wayne State University Law School, in the fall of 2009. Stephen is a licensed attorney.

Rick Eaton – Presenter and Lecturer specializing in Terrorism and Hate Crimes
Rick has been a senior researcher for the Simon Wiesenthal Center/ Museum of Tolerance for over 25 years. Rick’s responsibilities are research of terrorism and domestic extremism, and monitoring of extremists groups worldwide. He supervises the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s continuing investigation into the use of the Internet by extremists groups, and serves as a liaison to civic, religious and law enforcement organizations. Rick has been a lecturer/presenter for audiences including California Police/ Highway Patrol, Michigan State Police, FBI, Miami-Dade Police, U.S. Attorney’s Office, National Institute Against Hate Crime, Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators, New Mexico Gang Task Force, American Library Association, Ohio Library Association, Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, California Schools, Columbus Police Department, Columbus City Schools, Ohio Education Association (Columbus Education Association).

Brad Casucci – Consultant
Brad Casucci is a cultural specialist and educator, with a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from Case Western Reserve University. His specialty is analyzing and assessing world views and decision-making factors of diverse populations (particularly, but not limited to, health related situations). He is an experienced teacher and has experience teaching at every level from head start programs to college courses. Brad is a Fulbright-Hays Scholar and has worked in various applied research departments in the health and academic fields. He has extensive international experience, having spent time traveling, working and living abroad across four continents over the last two decades. He is highly adaptable and has lived and communicated effectively in a variety of environments: from rural communities in developing countries of Africa and Latin America, to urban regions of Europe and North America. Brad is also conversational in Swahili.

Bruce Greenfield – Co-Founder Emeritus
Bruce is an educator and trainer with more than 15 years of experience in diversity management. He served on the faculty of the Decision Methods Unit of Capital University’s School of Management, specializing in quantitative analysis and decision-making. Bruce was active in Capital’s campus diversity programming, and served on the university’s Diversity Committee. In addition, Bruce has more than 35 years of experience in operations management consulting, for companies such as Wendy’s, Borden, Capitol Mortgage Services, and the Ohio Departments of Education, Mental Health, and Workers’ Compensation. He holds a B.S. degree in Industrial Management from Purdue University and a Masters in Business Administration from The University of Michigan.

Darchelle Garner – Consultant
Darchelle is a professional with over twenty years of high-level non-profit management experience and is also Founder of Vineland Consulting . She is a solutions-driven strategic thinker with proven skills to advance and strengthen the mission of an organization. Darchelle has proven ability to manage multiple, large-scale, comprehensive projects (domestic and international) and achieve timely anticipated outcomes . Her experience in building and managing highly functioning, multi-disciplinary teams, has aided her in implementing and evaluating innovative programming to effectively meet the needs of target audiences. More importantly, she is a leader whose passion for service to others is demonstrated by a career-long dedication to improving the human condition.
Darchelle has been fortunate to have worked extensively in the non-profit sector applying high-level business principles and skills to facilitate the growth and success of organizations in the US and South Africa. Focusing on general management, program development, strategic planning, and governance, Darchelle has been able to make a significant impact on the effectiveness of numerous organizations throughout her career as a senior executive, in Board leadership, and as a consultant. Most recently, she served as executive director of an educational foundation in northern Virginia. In addition to offering a valuable combination of creativity and analytical skills, Darchelle’s greatest strengths lie in her capacity to critically assess organizational needs, facility in strategizing practical solutions, and aptitude for generating desired results. A few of her most notable projects include, consulting with Oprah Winfrey’s South Africa boarding school in crisis, providing organizational and strategic direction in governance, academics, residential life, and overall operations. Developing and conducting AIDS/HIV prevention education for South Africa’s elementary and high schools. And, providing strategic direction for St. Louis social service organization to improve city-wide after school program curriculum and operations.
Darchelle’s education includes, an MBA in Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois; sub-concentrations in Management of Public and Non-Profit Organizations, and International Business; selected for competitive international exchange program at the Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.

Ron Kohr – Co-Founder, Technology Consultant, Operations Manager
Ron was one of the founders of Overdrive in 1986, ( he then started Community Reinvestment Resources in 1989 as a technology consulting firm specializing in electronic documents, workflow, and content management solutions. Ron’s technology background utilizes Neal Semel’s approach to human resources services of individual accountability using a diversity and inclusion electronic knowledge repository. Ron earned a Bachelors of Business Science in Economics from Cleveland State University.

Andy Karanja – Content Manager & Technical Support
Growing up in three continents, Africa, Europe and North America, Andy brings a unique perspective in terms of diversity, immigration, race and generational diversity. He studied aviation at Kent State University. In 2016, he left Tesla to start a company whose goal is to empower the local community through music while also servicing local artists. In his free time Andy serves as Diversity Matters’ content manager and technical support.