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Restorative Justice and The Power of All

When speaking of Diversity Matters’ Diversity Works: the Power of All. A community based venue for exchanging ideas, information and opportunities, we often stress the benefits of round the room facilitated exchanges to build linkages between organizations and the communities they serve and to allow the organization to learn about the cultures that exist in… Read More »

The Power of All

The POWER of ALL   A comprehensive Diversity-Inclusion Program Expand your capacity to serve an increasingly diverse customer base by fully utilizing the power of multiple perspectives. “Companies competing in today’s fast-paced global market tend to favor the broadest definitions of diversity – ones that encompass differences in gender, racioethnicity, age, physical abilities, qualities, and… Read More »

Gestures in Different Cultures

What we’ve been taught about respecting people, particularly those from different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds just doesn’t work well for us today. We must consider each person as an individual and give respect based on what is important to him or her. For example, when greeting a person, Neal Semel explains that he waits… Read More »