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Affirmative Action Guidelines

One of the misunderstandings about Diversity and Inclusion, is the role of affirmative action. I think of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity policies as some of many tools for managing WORKPLACE diversity. Simply put, Affirmative Action seeks to correct historical discrimination and Equal Opportunity Policies sought to prevent workplace discrimination. While these are tools to… Read More »

Business Case

The Numbers Matter! Since the publication of the Workforce 2000 study, cost savings and winning the competition for talent are frequently cited as strong arguments for the pursuit of diversity initiatives. More recently, they have been supplemented with a third, even more forceful argument -the opportunity to drive business growth by leveraging the many facets… Read More »

Business Case Summary

Why focus on diversity/inclusion? Beyond social and moral reasons and “doing the right thing,” there are several arguments why companies and organizations should embrace and integrate diversity and inclusion into their way of doing business. Below are a few reasons why having a diverse and inclusive workforce is critical to a successful business imperative: Diversity… Read More »

How to Run a Multi-Cultural Meeting

(1) TIME: How should time be scheduled? For example, avoid prayer time, holidays or fast days? Minimize conflicts with major holidays and fast days. Check an interfaith calendar. Consider prayer times and schedule accommodations including break times as well as a place for people to pray. (2) COMMUNICATIONS: What are different communications “styles” that may… Read More »

Diversity Friendly Meeting Tips

Know your audience including their language, ethnic and religious backgrounds, genders, disabilities and ages. For example, if necessary, schedule breaks around prayer times. Make sure the aisles allow for mobility accessibility (space between aisles and tables.) Use names rather than pointing to people. Prepare for emergencies by testing routes prior to the meeting. Look for… Read More »