Fairfax County Utilizes Awariety

By | May 11, 2016

Incident Management Critical to Fairfax County’s Workplace Violence Program


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Article Published: Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

The Fairfax County Government recently launched Awareity’s TIPS prevention platform as part of their ongoing workplace violence prevention and safety efforts.

Safety officers within Fairfax County are required to report all security incidents, including alcohol/drugs, arson, bombs, burglary, disorderly conduct, extortion, fraud, property damage, suspicious activity, theft, threats and assaults, weapons violations and workplace violence. Prior to implementing the TIPS platform, officers would complete paper forms with all details of the initial report. These reports would then be filed with the central office. It was extremely difficult to keep track of what actions had been taken on a report, ensure appropriate follow-up was taking place and review past incidents.

With TIPS, all safety officers can now access an online report form, designate the type of incident they are reporting and provide all critical information including individuals involved, location of incident and all incident details. Once a report is submitted, all appropriate personnel are notified immediately and can login to the secure online platform to review the information.

Each incident type (i.e. workplace violence) is assigned to pre-defined personnel responsible for reviewing and addressing the concern. The team can work together to coordinate response efforts, plan appropriate intervention strategies and document all actions taken. The TIPS system provides an ongoing audit trail of investigation steps and ensures all team members are on the same page. With TIPS, team members can also set ongoing reminders and assign tasks to ensure no incident falls through the cracks.

“We needed a way to keep track of critical information and ensure the right people were aware of and responding to reports,” said Ron Erb, Workplace Violence Coordinator for Fairfax County Government. “So many times after an incident of workplace violence, companies claim they didn’t know about concerning behaviors or they weren’t capable of responding efficiently to a threat. TIPS is providing us with a tool to ensure we are taking appropriate steps towards intervention and providing a safe workplace for our employees.”

With TIPS safety officers can also document all actions taken during crisis response efforts and track all facilities and maintenance requests and repairs, as well as all safety claims – medical, slips/falls and OSHA violations. “We were really able to customize the TIPS platform to meet our agency’s needs. Awareity worked with us to ensure the system was set up in a way that our safety officers could use to save significant time and resources,” says Erb.

TIPS also provides organizations with an Awareness and Accountability Vault – a place to share and communicate all organizational policies, procedures, plans, training and more. Once a document is placed in the Vault, only those employees required to review and acknowledge the document will see it and provide their acknowledgement. Administrators can then view on-demand progress reports to track employee compliance and certifications.