Diversity Matters LLC is a consulting firm based in Columbus, Ohio, and specializes in leveraging diversity & inclusion practices that promote positive organizational culture change. Professional training and facilitation is conducted by subject-matter experts on-site. With an improved understanding of similarities and differences within an organization’s workforce and customer base; organizations and individuals can measure achievement in the following areas:

  • Metrics of improved customer service; employee engagement
  • Documentation of customer experience feedback and insight
  • Tactics supporting an organizational mission and vision

The ability to work with others using behaviors which increase the positive potential of differences and encourages the diversity of thoughts and perspectives is a fundamental business skill.


Why Choose Diversity Matters LLC?

Several factors make us uniquely qualified to support you. We have a successful track-record of training and consultation services which we can substantiate with references from satisfied clients. Our work history includes a range of organizations such as first responders, associations, law firms, healthcare, social services and government.

While our primary service area is in Ohio, we have the capacity to serve clients throughout the U.S. as well as internationally. We evaluate the service we provide, assuring quality and client satisfaction. Our diverse Presenters and Principals have varied backgrounds (gender, age, faith, culture, education, country of origin and American geography) plus specialized knowledge, experience and skills including:

  • Training and Curricula Development
  • Compliance and Related Human Resources Issues
  • Technological Expertise to support clients in Diversity Communications Portals, Blogs, Web-based Learning, etc.
  • D/I Leadership and Coaching

We tailor program and service initiatives to meet your specific needs, for example, our service-delivery capacity includes the following:

  • Keynote Speakers for Conferences
  • On-site, Instructor-led Training
  • Train-the-trainer Programs with Customized Materials
  • Planning your Organization’s Diversity-related Events and Conferences 

What's At Stake

What’s at Stake – Why Diversity Matters to You

Business case for Diversity and Inclusion

  • Only by attracting and retaining the very best people for each position will any organization be in the position of succeeding in any competitive marketplace.
  • To be an employer of choice, recruiting for diversity is not enough; each and every employee must be and feel valued. Organizations must work change their culture to be actively inclusive to retain the most qualified employees. Remember, diverse and inclusive organizations have lower employee turnover costs.  And those costs matter.
  • Workforce diversity drives economic growth by reflecting the customer, or constituent) base. The workforce has become more diverse over the past 40 years—meaning that ethnic minorities, women and others now account for a significant portion of the workforce AND consumer-spending power. To attract that spending power, smart companies make sure that their workforce reflect the customers they serve.-
  • A diverse workforce is more innovative:  The workplace problems of today and the foreseeable future require innovative responses and unique solutions. Individuals with diverse qualifications and experiences are important so that new and fresh ideas will be offered up for effective problem-solving.  
  • Companies that recruit with diversity in mind are more likely to hire the brightest and the best for each position.  Companies that are inclusive are more likely to retain the brightest and the best—saving time and money. The number one resource in today’s marketplace is the Human Resource.
  • Census data shows that by 2050 the USA will have no racial or ethnic majority.  Additionally, by 2050, new immigrants and their children will account for 83 percent of the growth in the working-age population. This company needs to work now to align with and reflect that workforce and customer structure. 
  • Consider these facts and determine if your organization is positioned for the future:
    • Studies show diversifying the workplace helps business increase market share—because we will be able to speak and respond specifically to customers in all interactions.
    • Women own almost 30 percent of all U.S. businesses (with Latina-owned businesses the fastest-growing segment of the women-owned business market).
    • Persons of color own more than 22 percent of all U.S. business, five percent of U.S. businesses are owned by gay or transgender individuals.  
    • Women of color own 1.9 million firms in the USA, generating $165 billion annually and employing 1.2 million people.

Simply stated, it makes good business sense as the world continues to change, regardless of the industry you’re in or the people you serve. It’s ultimately about communications, respect, and trust – important factors in any organization.

The same holds true for managing human resources. Your employees don’t leave their individual differences at the door when they report to work. Understanding these differences make managers more effective – and increases productivity.



An organization’s culture is the sum total of the behavior of every individual in the group. By understanding the human capital of your employees, you can effectively harness their strengths and skills while gaining tangible data to guide capacity building through training and skills development.

Diversity-Matters utilizes an excellent quantifiable guidepost for hiring, promotion, training and productivity via control, social, positive expectancy, emotions, and team player characteristics. The Profiles Performance Indicator™ is used to understand employees’ behavioral characteristics, and shows you how to use this knowledge to increase employee performance.

We recommend implementation pre- and post-training.


*Diversity-Matters uses a local vendor for customization, analysis and reporting.

Profiles Performance IndicatorTM

Diversity Matters uses the Profiles Performance IndicatorTM is a management tool that provides managers and leaders with essential information to more effectively manage the performance of their employees. The Profiles Performance Indicator provides key insights to understand your employee, what motivates them and how to improve their performance.

This assessment also has a Team Analysis feature which shows the manager the team strengths and weakness and how a manager should respond to these weaknesses. This feature also enables the manager to build teams, improve teams, and how to most effectively help teams and its members achieve team goals.


  1. Behavioral indicators in the following critical, job-related competencies and provides suggestions for improving performance:
    • Productivity
    • Quality of Work
    • Teamwork
    • Problem Solving
    • Adapting to Change
    • Response to job related stress, frustration and conflict
    • How to motivate the employee
    • Motivational Intensity
    • Team Balance
    • Strengths and weaknesses of the overall team
    • Describes each team member’s characteristics compared to the team leader’s characteristics in the 12 Team Factors:
      • Control
      • Social
      • Patience
      • Precision
      • Ambition
      • Composure
      • Positive Expectancy
      • Analytical
      • Results Orientation
      • Emotions
      • Team Player
      • Quality Orientation
    • Describes methods a leader can use to maximize the performance of each member as part of the team and what roles the leader must play on the team.©2010 Profiles International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 091209-1
      Customization and reports available through PDServices (www.pdservices.com)

Representative Clients

  • Healthcare: Ohio Health, Aultman Hospital, Ohio Department of Health, Columbus Public Health
  • Local Government: Cities of Sandusky, Hilliard, Columbus, Plain Township, Westerville, Houston TX, Tulsa OK, Grand Forks ND, Franklin County Municipal Courts, and Adult Probation Services
  • State Government: Ohio Department of Health and Department of Shared Services
  • Federal Government: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Department of State, United States Embassy (Belgium)
  • First Responders: Cities of Columbus, Athens, Canton , Sandusky, Westerville, Plain Township, Orange Township, Tulsa OK, Belgium Local and National Police
  • Associations: National Management, Columbus Bar , Ohio Alzheimer’s, Ohio Education, Columbus Education, National Landscapers, Ohio Housing Finance, Women Accountants, Black Accountants and  Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies
  • Education: Columbus State Community College, Sinclair Community College, Rhodes State College, Muskingum University, The Ohio State University (Moritz School of Law, College of Nursing, Department of Public Health, Department of Police) Ashland University, Capital University, University of Toledo, Edison Community College, Ohio Association for Independent Schools
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations: Ground Level Solutions, United Way of Central Ohio, COSI, YMCA, Ohio Association of Food Banks, NetCare Inc, Tri-County Mental Health

Opportunities for You

  • Select from an array of specialized services to meet your diversity mission and objectives
  • Access our expertise and connections to plan your diversity-related events
  • Arrange customized training and consultation on site
  • Use informative and enthusiastic speakers for your conferences
  • Design and implement your diversity initiatives based on Diversity Works: The Power of ALL℠ – a comprehensive template for success
  • Manage and curate your Diversity and Inclusion Knowledge Repository via your Diversity Confab 

Diversity Confab
The Diversity Confab is an online tool to manage content and easily organize information allowing for the sharing of the best practices to find answers anywhere anytime.

The Diversity Confab is a curated conversation which increases community engagement and the ability to take “concept” to “action”.

Internet streaming connectivity may include: Video on Demand, audio, sound effects, speeches, images, articles, timelines, maps, diagrams, animations, fact sheets, designed for engaging and supplementing learning.


  • Easily Organize Information
  • Share Knowledge
  • Find Answers NOW
  • Encourage Engagement
  • Gain Actionable Insights
  • Create and Manage Content
  • Quickly onboard and Train
  • Share Best Practices
  • Share Knowledge Quickly
  • Access Information from Anywhere

For more information, please contact us

Bottom Line Impact

Awareness and Accountability 

This software as a service will help your organization manage:

  • EEO (and other) Compliance
  • Behavior Assessment, Threat Assessment
  • Incident Management and Prevention Services
  • Anonymous or confidential online reporting
  • Hotline capability
  • Fully manageable/customizable surveys and forms
  • Real-time report dashboard
  • Incident tracking and documentation

Diversity Matters utilizes Awareity.com

Utilizing this tool helps deliver the plans, procedures, roles and responsibilities required for individual awareness and accountability .


Please read about the Awareness and Accountability Vault solution Overview

TIPS Prevention Platform

Treat Assessment, Incident Management and Prevention Services

A Total Awareness and Accountability Vault for individuals and organizations

for more information on solutions for K12, Higher Ed, Financial, Healthcare and Government Industries



Testimonials from Workshop Participants

      • “Best diversity training I’ve been a part of. It was a good reminder of the stereotypes and prejudices that we deal with on the job every day, and to think before we speak.” —Lorain, OH Police Department
      • “Conferences are only as good as the presenters. We received rave reviews about the presenters, sessions, and overall conference. Thank you for inspiring Ohio librarians to talk about and get active in diversity initiatives.” —Ohio Library Council
      • “With our ever changing environment and the people we serve, this is a must. This training is not given to beat you up, but to make you aware of other cultures.”
      • “Although I don’t agree with everything that was said, or accept some of the different ideas, I learned the importance of professionalism in dealing with people and how to handle different people.”
      • “Good Course. I am sure that the information will help us when interacting with public.”
      • “The instructors took a course that could have had the potential of being dry and turned it into a very class-participation-oriented environment. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot!”
      • “Eye opening and enjoyable.”
      • “This was the one course where you felt totally free to be an individual and learn more about people you may be later working with. Everyone was relaxed and able to listen to the information instead of it being shoved down your throat whether it’s understood or not.”
      • “I thought it opened my eyes to what was already out there and how we, as police officers, will encounter prejudices on the job.”
      • “This class helped me by seeing my classmates’ views on various issues.”
      • “The course was excellent. It forced you to think and to see things from a lot of other points of view.”
      • “I will carry the information I learned for the rest of my life. Thank you!”
      • “I liked stepping out of my comfort zone. I ate at a restaurant that I would never have eaten at before. I now plan on going back someday to eat there again.”
      • “I appreciate the opportunity to discuss differences with the class and the instructors. This class was very educational and I now have a better understanding of the people around me.”
      • “Overall, I really liked the course. It is a very appropriate class, given the contact that police officers with the wide variety of people on a daily basis. It definitely exposed us to various viewpoints.”